A tour to Love Yourself: Tear album as it celebrates it’s 2 year anniversary

Love Yourself: Tear, the very successful and iconic album of BTS which is the first part of the “Love Yourself” series was released on 18 May, 2018. And, exactly after 2 years, on 18th May, 2020; the album marked it’s 2 year anniversary.

Love Yourself: Tear consists of 11 tracks with “Fake love” being the lead single. Some of the tracks of the BTS Love Yourself: Tear are as follows:-

1. Intro: Singularity

2. Fake love

3. Airplane pt 2

These tracks have gained immense popularity. Starting from Intro Singularity to Outro Tear, every track of the album is unique and breathtaking.

As BTS connects it’s stories with albums, there are tonnes of theories revolving around their stories, connections and themes. For example, Anpanman is a fun , upbeat song that was inspired by the main cartoon character in a picture book series by Japanese cartoonist, Takashi Yanase.


Anpanman is a red bean bread man who is the world’s weakest superhero. Unlike Batman, Superman or Shaktiman; Anpanman has no superpowers. But he’s a kind hero who help those in need and gives pieces of his face which is made of red bean bread to hungry people and he always stays by your side . BTS compare themselves to the character, Anpanman by staying true to their message of giving hope and spreading love to people by always staying by their side and being kind towards them. They portray the message that you don’t have to be a hero like Superman or Batman with all the superpowers to help people, you can help people by being a hero who is weak and has no strength but has the pure heart which is always ready to spread love , care and hope to people.

BTS performing Anpanman

Another example, “The Truth Untold” featuring Steve Aoki is about the fear that the BTS members face. In this song, they talk about their true inner selves and describe it as them having to wear a mask. The lyrics of the song portrays that ARMYs have no idea what goes on with the BTS members off camera. They don’t know their true feelings, their struggles and what they have to go through. The song can also be connected to the fact that nowadays people have to wear a mask to be loved because once their true self will be known, the “truth” will hurt their loved ones to the point where they will hurt them or maybe leave them.

These tracks are exceptionally well thought and are amazingly beautiful. These tracks are so unique and special for every Army out there. The album, Love Yourself: Tear is undoubtedly a massive successful one. Kudos to the BTS ARMYs all around the world for 2 year anniversary of this iconic album!!!!

Top 5 BTS solo songs with beautiful and thoughtful messages (Personal Review)

BTS, world’s biggest boyband are ruling the world with their outstanding achievements in the field of music. They have made a reputation for K-pop globally and are undoubtedly very successful in their careers both as a group and as individual members.

Their solo songs are so soulful that anyone can easily fall for them. Here are the top 5 solo songs of BTS members portraying some really beautiful and thoughtful messages according to me:-

1. Epiphany:- Epiphany, sung by Kim Seokjin aka Jin is the thirteenth track of BTS album, “Love Yourself: Answer”. The lyrics of this song are so meaningful. This song portrayed a beautiful message for everyone out there that we are the one whom we should love before anyone else in this world. The lyric, “I’m the one I should love” justifies it. This song is about realizing that your one true love in life should be yourself.

2. Euphoria:- Euphoria, sung by Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook is also a track from BTS album, “Love Yourself: Answer”. This song symbolizes many things like, friendship among the members and how they enjoy when they are together. Also, how they become sad when any of the member is not with them or far from them. This song is pure love.

3. Interlude: Shadow:- This track sung by Min Yoongi aka Suga, is from the latest album of BTS, “Map of the Soul: 7”. It delivers a very thought provoking message that he wants to fulfil his dream and he wants to be a rap star but when he finally becomes famous and successful, he has to deal with the stalkers, the pressures of fame, the cameras always following him and judging every single action of him.

4. Singularity:- This track is sung by Kim Taehyung aka V . It’s from the album, “Love Yourself: Tear”. This song has many theories but I feel that the main meaning behind this song is that people wear masks nowadays and pretend to be someone else to be acceptable and loved but end up being alone, failing to show who they really are .

5. Lie:- This solo track is sung by Park Jimin aka Jimin. It’s from the BTS album, “Wings”. It carries a powerful message that you constantly compare yourselves and try to fit in the world by changing yourselves. You just see your flaws in mirror and you are at war with yourselves. The real you is tormented by the lies of an image which is being made to make you comfortable and acceptable.

These solo tracks are exceptionally well thought and executed. I can never get over these solo tracks!!

Map of the Soul: Persona’s 1 year

The album, “Map of the Soul: Persona” celebrates it’s 1 year anniversary and as this album was a super duper hit, winning end number of awards, it’s a pleasure for the BTS armys to celebrate the anniversary of this iconic album. The Persona era was one of the best era indeed.

And the show stopper, “boy with luv” featuring Halsey was something which made a permanent place in the hearts of thousands of ARMYs along with songs like “mikrokosmos”, “jamais vu” were just so mesmerizing and the cherry on the cake were as usual the visuals of the music video.

BTS ARMYs aren’t yet over of the persona era and of course how could someone get over of this amazingly beautiful era. So, Kudos to Map of the Soul: Persona album’s great success and to all the ARMYs out there who never fail to support and love the seven gems of BTs.

As usual, BTS, world’s biggest boyband leads on the top with it’s current era, that is Map of the Soul: 7 .

Refresh your memories of Map of the Soul: Perosna Era with “boy with luv” song below.

100 Ways – Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang, a Hong-Kong rapper, singer and dancer is back with his new music video song, “100 ways”. He’s the member of the South korean group, Got7. He’s back with his charming looks and his beautiful voice.

“100 ways” is a music video sung by Jackson Wang in which he is playing the role of a warrior. The music video is a blend of Chinese and Western music which is appealing to the audience. A warrior’s love for his lover is very well portrayed in this music video.

This music video is definitely something to look forward to. Jackson has nailed it again .

Kudos to Team Wang!!!

Sweet Night by V, BTS

Itaewon class is a famous 2020 South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung and Kwon Nara.

“Sweet Night” is sung by Kim Taehyung aka V of the world’s biggest boy band, BTS. V is here again to mesmerize everyone with his soothing voice. He never fails to make his fans happy:)

Kim Taehyung aka V, BTS

V is gifted with good looks as well as a very good voice. He has sung some really beautiful songs like Singularity, Inner Child and now “Sweet Night” from Itaewon Class.

The song, “sweet night” becomes thousand times more sweet with V’s voice. It’s a song that makes one feel calm and peaceful. Such a soulful song!!!

Listening to this song is definitely worth it!!!

Humraah:- 𝑴𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒈

The song, “humraah” ,from the movie Malang is sung by the new music sensation, Sachet Tandon. He’s known for singing beautiful songs like bekhayali and mere sohneya and also party songs like psycho saiyyan.

Sachet Tandon won many awards for his song “bekhayali” from the movie, “Kabir Singh”; one of the awards being “the song of the year” for 2019. And again he’s back with his charming and soothing voice which sounds like a blend of Armaan Malik and Jubin Nautiyal!!! So melodious!!!

Sachet Tandon

Humraah is a song which is really enjoyable . It’s a happy song with lots of positive vibes in it. And, Disha Patani and Aditya Roy Kapoor had done complete justice to this song in the music video.

The song as well as the video is really enjoyable and is really what one should look forward to!!!

Here’s the official video song , “Humraah”.

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